Cross Country Camp


6th – 10th grade 




June 17 – 19


8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Embark on a journey with the USF Cross Country Camp – a fun and interdisciplinary experience that merges the worlds of running, exercise science, and nutrition. Designed by the USF Cross Country coaches and faculty experts in Kinesiology and Nutrition, this camp provides an immersive and holistic approach to athletic training. Campers should be ready and willing to run, train, and learn.

Gain valuable insights into nutrition tailored specifically for runners. Learn how to fuel your body for peak performance, enhance recovery, and develop healthy habits to benefit your athletic journey. Forge lasting friendships with fellow campers who share your passion for running, health, and fitness. And, receive personalized coaching tips from our Cross Country coaches, ensuring your training aligns with your individual goals and abilities. Training runs will take place across the beautiful University of Saint Francis campus. 

Lunches are provided.

  • Cross Country camp will feature a “how to get recruited for cross country” panel. Campers will learn about career opportunities in the science and study of human performance.
  • We will have guest presentations by 3 Rivers Running Company and Summit Physical Therapy.
  • Campers will participate in activities in the University of Saint Francis’ state-of-the-art Cadaver Lab, using the Anatomage table, as well as in our Exercise Physiology Lab and our Strength and Conditioning lab.

All of the USF Discovery Academy experiences are designed and taught by USF educators. Campers will get to experience life on a college campus and learn about future careers. 

At Cross Country Camp, campers will train while getting a taste of the physical, biological, and social sciences that contribute to the science of physical activity and human movement. Campers will:

  • Run with the Saint Francis Cross Country Coach
  • Complete strength and mobility exercises
  • Plan meals and snacks to meet your nutrition goals
  • Network with local organizations and other passionate runners

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn about the basic kinesiology and physiology of running
  • Gain a valuable understanding of the nutritional needs of runners
  • Discover the training principles of running

“I am excited to work with campers who are passionate about running and hope to impart some knowledge to them on how their body works and how to take care of themselves when they are running.”

– Faculty Expert, Dr. Matthew Hopf

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