Mission and Vision

The USF Discovery Academy encourages career exploration, critical thinking, and creativity by exposing youth to on-campus programming that centers on the Franciscan values of learning, leadership, and service.

By welcoming youth to the USF campus and creating strong relationships between students and faculty, the USF Discovery Academy will increase college attendance amongst youth in the Fort Wayne area.

We are a community sustained by the values of Saint Francis, values that remind us to:

  • Revere the unique dignity of each person
  • Encourage a trustful, prayerful community of learners
  • Serve one another, society, and the Church
  • Foster peace and justice
  • Respect Creation

Our values are demonstrated through our programming by:

  • Encouraging friendly and mindful interactions between staff, counselors, and campers
  • Incorporating moments of reflection into each day
  • Being proactive in our service to the community
  • Holding space for diverse ideas and opinions
  • Maintaining accountability from our staff and campers

You can support the USF Discovery Academy by contributing. Each donation will go towards scholarships, meals, supplies, and transportation – all for campers.

Our community partners help us reach students who are most in need. They help interested students find us and support them in getting to camp.