Animation, Film, and Acting Camp


8th – 12th grade




July 22 – 26


9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

Animation, Film, and Acting Camp! Do you dream of bringing stories to life on both big screens and small? Well, pack your imagination and get ready for the ultimate movie magic experience. 

Learn the basics of acting, animating, and creating your own film. Dive into a 5-day workshop filled with laughter, teamwork, and creative exploration. You’ll develop your skills in screenwriting, storyboarding, filming, animating, acting, and editing. You’ll collaborate with awesome faculty and counselors who are experts in the film industry. And, you’ll work as a team to create a short film that combines live action and animation.

Lunches are provided.

  • During this collaboration across 3 Saint Francis programs, you will discover the array of possible careers in the film, animation, and communication industries. 
  • Swapping between acting, filming, and animating, you will have the opportunity to try on lots of different hats and perhaps find the one that you like best. 
  • Family and friends are welcome to join the fun on the final day of camp. Saint Francis will host a mini film festival to celebrate all of your work. 

All of the USF Discovery Academy experiences are designed and taught by USF educators. Campers will get to experience life on a college campus and learn about future careers. 

The Animation, Film, and Acting Camp blends technical skills with artistic expression. Campers will have the opportunity to engage in all kinds of creative learning experiences such as how to run table readings, how to prepare for movie production, how to plan for locations, props, and costumes, and the skills needed for post-production. 

  • Creative storytelling
  • Principles of animation
  • On-set production
  • Film theory

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn and execute proper storytelling techniques.
  • Practice collaboration and teamwork under a strict deadline.
  • Gain awareness of film and animation industry best practices. 
  • Discover new communication techniques and improve self-confidence in front of a camera. 

“I’ve found that there’s nothing more satisfying than working with a team to create creative projects at USF, the resources, feedback, and connections that have been shared with me by faculty have been invaluable in bringing those same projects to life.”

– Genna Davis, Animation Student

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