What Campers Will Need

Summer camp is such a fun experience for all of our campers. It is a joy to watch them develop the courage to explore new activities, forge lasting friendships, and evolve into their authentic selves.

The three most important things to make sure each camper gets the most out of their experience include:

  1. A healthy breakfast
    Our camps require active participation, which can be hard if your energy levels are low. No matter the discipline, learning happens best with a full stomach. 
  2. A full night’s rest
    Just like a healthy breakfast, a good night’s sleep is crucial for participation, learning, and retention.
  3. A review of our technology policy
    Make sure your camper is aware and prepared for our technology policy. In the event that technology is causing a distraction, it may be confiscated for the day. Campers who are aware of this policy are more likely to come prepared to engage actively in camp activities. 

Now that you’ve registered for summer camp, it’s important to know what campers will need for the days they attend camp. Along with a durable backpack to store belongings, here are some things campers should have packed each day. It is important to note that some camps may have additional requirements. It is important to check your email in the weeks preceding camp. 

Also, be sure to label your camper’s personal items with their first and last names.

  1. Refillable water bottle with screw-on lid
    It’s important for kids to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially on hot days. Here are some recommendations on the best water bottles for kids.
  2. Activity-appropriate clothing and shoes
    Campers should come dressed in comfortable clothes for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  3. Sunscreen
    Parents should apply sunscreen or help their camper put on sunscreen before coming to camp, but kids may also need to reapply sunscreen later in the day if activities are taking place outside. Sunscreen should be labeled as “broad-spectrum,” have a minimum SPF of 15, and be reapplied every two hours after swimming.
  4. Nutritious lunch and snacks
    Daily packing should include a nutritious lunch that can be kept fresh with ice packs, as most camps do not have the refrigeration space to store lunches. Kids will be busy during camp and need that extra boost of energy at lunchtime! Depending on the severity of allergies, we may ask you ahead of time not to pack certain food items. Some camps provide meals and/or snacks, so be sure to read the camp description thoroughly. 
  1. Comfortable, casual clothes
    Make sure to bring layers for inside and outside activities and clothing and shoes fit for hiking at Lindenwood Nature Preserve.
  2. Blanket and Linens
    Dorm rooms have a twin mattress. Bed sheets are not included.
  3. Pillow 
  4. Toiletries  
  5. Towels 
  6. Refillable Water Bottle 
  7. Bug Spray and Sunscreen
    We will have these on hand, but if you have a favorite kind, feel free to bring it.
  8. Optional: Preferred prayer aids
    Bible, Rosary, Journal, etc.

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