Business Leadership Camp


9th – 12th grade




June 10 – 12


9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

you’ll learn about YOU – your unique strengths and areas for growth through assessments like the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and Bloom’s Taxonomy for Critical Thinking. You’ll explore the art of decision-making through practical scenarios and team-based activities. You’ll learn about how leadership applies to business and entrepreneurship, and you’ll reflect on your own values and character. 

Leaders provide direction and vision. They motivate and inspire others. And, everyone draws upon leadership skills when doing things with others, from change makers and influencers to friends and party starters. The Business Leadership Camp will help you develop essential leadership tools to become a better listener, observer, and communicator.

The Business Leadership Camp is about uncovering the qualities that make you influential, trustworthy, and courageous in the eyes of others. You’ll learn practical skills and form meaningful friendships with fellow campers. 

Lunches are provided.

  • This program introduces campers to personal assessments and decision-making tools that will help them in their interpersonal and academic development.  
  • The Business Leadership Camp also draws campers into an immersive world of entrepreneurship with an engaging overview of key business aspects. Campers collaborate in teams to develop compelling business presentations. 

All of the USF Discovery Academy experiences are designed and taught by USF educators. Campers will get to experience life on a college campus and learn about future careers. 

This camp helps campers identify the gifts they bring to the world. It prepares them for thinking about both their academic and career futures. Campers will learn: 

  • How to think about the process of self-discovery and their own decision-making techniques
  • The key habits for an entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to employ key leadership and communication skills
  • The kind of character they want to exemplify

Program Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of general business best practices
  • Learn about business opportunities across Fort Wayne
  • Establish key leadership skills to successfully run a business
  • Build lasting connections with business faculty 

“I plan on attending again next year. I had a really great time and even met one of my closest friends last year.”

– Camper, Summer ‘23

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