Saint Francis Faire Camp


3rd – 6th grade 




June 17 – 21


9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

for a captivating journey into the life and times of Saint Francis! This immersive experience combines history, crafts, and entrepreneurial skills in a Renaissance Fair-style setting. Discover the teachings of our patron Saint through engaging activities and projects, culminating in the grand “Saint Francis Faire,” where campers showcase their crafts to parents and guests.

Each day, faculty members will give an engaging history lesson geared for kids, and then counselors will lead campers in a related activity. Campers will create glass mosaics, prepare herbal remedies, craft medieval rosaries, and even go bird-watching and fishing.

Lunches are provided.

  • We will be joined by Fort Wayne Ballet dancer, Lindsey Navarre, who will lead campers in Renaissance-inspired dance lessons.
  • Campers will develop a sense of pride in what they can create, from crafts to food.
  • By engaging in imaginative play, your campers will be building their cognitive flexibility (otherwise known as creativity)!

All of the USF Discovery Academy experiences are designed and taught by USF educators. Campers will experience life on a college campus and learn about future careers. 

At Faire Camp, campers will engage in indoor and outdoor games, nature walks, musical performances, and storytelling in a fair-like atmosphere. They will: 

  • learn about various Medieval traditions in the arts, humanities, and natural sciences.
  • discover how Medieval traditions created the culture Saint Francis lived in.
  • collaborate to create guilds and develop marketing strategies to sell their wares at the final Saint Francis Faire day.

Program Outcomes:

  • Build connections between the life and times of Saint Francis and now.
  • Improve knowledge and skills of certain crafts.
  • Explore and expand their interests in crafts, cooking, dancing, and entrepreneurship. 
  • Build community and friendships within and across “guilds.”

“Hands-on activities bring not just the experiences of Saint Francis to life for campers, but also the kindness and love of his spirit. Saint Francis found such joy in life, and campers will participate in that joy whether they are dancing, crafting, or learning about God’s creation.”

– Faculty Expert, Dr. Carrie Duke

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