Wilderness Skills and Nature Camp


7th – 10th grade 




July 15 – 19


9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

a transformative journey filled with exciting activities and hands-on skills that will create lasting memories and foster a profound connection to the great outdoors.

A growing body of research shows that being in nature can greatly benefit our physical and emotional well-being. Nature reduces our stress levels, improves our moods, and builds our attention. In fact, policymakers, employers, and healthcare professionals are all looking for ways to encourage people to connect more with nature. Career opportunities in ecopsychology and other natural sciences are growing. Additionally, our natural world needs our thoughtful protection as new threats to our ecosystem emerge. 

The Wilderness Skills and Nature Camp will primarily occur on campus in our nature areas featuring both prairie grasslands and forest. We’ll also take field trips to the Lindenwood Nature Preserve for hiking. Indoor activities include an introduction to how to use a microscope and view plankton under a microscope.

Campers will learn from experts about our natural resources, how to care and advocate for them, and how to experience and appreciate them.

Lunches are provided.

  • This camp is a perfect mix of scientific learning, practical skill-building, and personal self-reflection. Every day will look different!
  • We love some friendly competition. After a few lessons, you will have the chance to beat fellow campers in a canoe race on Mirror Lake. 
  • An adventurer’s delight, this camp will teach necessary emergency skills for anyone who enjoys exploring the outdoors. 

All of the USF Discovery Academy experiences are designed and taught by USF educators. Campers will get to experience life on a college campus and learn about future careers. 

The Wilderness Skills and Nature Camp teaches a mix of practical outdoor skills, knowledge about our environment, and the ability to demonstrate compassionate and respectful stewardship. Campers will learn about: 

Program Outcomes:

“Walking into a forest will never be the same for me in the best way possible.”

– Camper

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